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Welcome! My name is Dustin.

I am a Leadership Coach and Trainer, aspiring author,

husband, father, and follower of Jesus Christ!

I am a Founding Member of The John Maxwell Team.

I help you get the most out of Maxwell's materials through online groups and individual coaching.


My online leadership training classes are designed for:

  • Managers & Directors

  • Entrepreneurs & Business owners

  • Leaders of nonprofits
  • Pastors and ministry staff

  • Individuals

  • And companies who desire to invest in their staff

My leadership and growth coaching is designed to take your personal and professional growth to the next level! I offer group coaching for teams and individual coaching for leaders.



"Life is about growth. However it must be intentional.

This is a constant reminder of that."


"[Compared to similar trainings] experience was better. Absolutely, do it. You will learn something no matter what."


What are your Top 3 Annual Priorities?


My "Success Roadmap" guides you through 

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Leadership Training Classes

Effective Communication
  • Do you struggle getting your message across?

  • Does your team struggle to communicate with one another?

  • Do your employees understand how to connect with customers?

everyone communicates few connect.png

Connecting with people is the first step in learning to communicate effectively with any audience! Join me as I help you understand key elements of effective communication:

  • Principles and Practices of Connecting

  • Cultivating positive relationships

  • Building your self-confidence

15 Laws of Growth
  • Do you struggle to make changes in your life that stick?

  • Ever feel like you’re making progress in an area of your life only to go back to old patterns after a month or two?

  • Is your inability to follow through consistently holding you back?

Are you ready to start making the changes you desire? Join me as I teach you how to consistently grow yourself personally and professionally. Topics will include:

  • Build a foundation for continual growth

  • Learn to work smarter not just harder

  • Learn to use failure as a growth opportunity

Your Benefits
  • Increase your confidence

  • Sharpen your skills

  • Sense of Empowerment (I can do this!)

  • Sense of Shared Endeavor (there are others out there!)

  • AND world-class leadership materials from John Maxwell!

I offer online leadership classes and growth coaching based on a number of John Maxwell's world-class materials.

John is my friend, business partner, and mentor. One of the most skilled communicators and connectors I’ve ever met! Here is a little about John:

  • He is a #1 New York Times bestselling author with over 100 books and more than 25 million copies sold

  • His teams and companies have trained more than 5 million leaders around the world

  • Speaks each year to Fortune 500 companies, presidents of nations, and the world’s top business leaders

Upcoming Training Classes!

"Just do it, you won't regret it. Definitely worth the time!"

— Sabrina
 Tech Consulting

Senior Associate

"Dustin was really great at facilitating our group. He brought in some great examples and encouraged our growth."

— Tawna

Financial Advisor and

Business Owner

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For your company or team!

"Change That Sticks"

Do your employees struggle to make changes that stick? Do you ever make progress as a team only to fall back into old patterns after a while?

Change is hard work and uncomfortable.

It stretches us beyond our comfort zones.

It requires we pay a cost to receive the growth. And it usually takes more time than we would like.

I would love an opportunity to share this training with you and your company or team!

Invest in your staff for FREE!!

In my training, "Change That Sticks," I explore two of John Maxwell’s “15 Invaluable Laws of Growth.” These laws set a foundation for future growth and tools for creating a growth plan that sticks.


I will also share how these 15 laws have been transformational in my own life.


Help your team learn to make changes that stick!

 Both personally and professionally.

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