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Independent Certified Coach, Trainer and Speaker with The John Maxwell Team, aspiring author, husband, father, and follower of Jesus Christ

Helping you pursue YOUR personal and professional development is my life mission! I often ask myself, “Are people more passionately, holding nothing back with their purpose and developing their potential because of my presence in their life?” I offer small business coaching, personal growth coaching, and online leadership classes, and training for managers.

Leadership Classes


New classes start every 8 weeks!

Want to develop yourself personally and professionally?

Classes offer a combination of education, conversation, accountability

and support in a group setting to sharpen your business and personal skills.

Leadership Classes are designed for training managers, business owners, and individuals with a desire to develop themselves personally and professionally!

Top notch leadership materials are from leadership guru, John Maxwell.

Leadership Classes meet online for 8 consecutive weeks

Only requirement is a desire to grow yourself and maximize your results! 

John’s connecting practices will give you the edge as a leader. This class can create change and results in any organization.

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John shares proven principles for upgrading your capacities to lead others and generate results. This system applies to anyone and everyone!

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A Community committed to growth!

A group of individuals committed to personal growth through a

9-month group coaching experience

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The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth is one of Dustin's Online Leadership Classes
Effective Communication is one of Dustin's Online Leadership Classes
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FREE Leadership Training for managers and companies!

Looking to invest in your team?

I am offering a FREE leadership training for companies and groups in the Twin Cities and the Upper Midwest. My training is packed full of helpful information and engaging interaction with the intent of creating a fun learning environment for building awareness to develop your people personally and professionally!


The goal of the training is to provide top-notch leadership training that will create a desire for motivation and self- improvement within your employees.

When motivation increases so does productivity in the group and organization.

Learn more about my FREE leadership

training for managers and companies!


Don't rely on yesterday's wins to meet today's challenges!

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