From Workaholic To 

Leadership Coach and Trainer! 

Hello, I am Dustin. I am a Leadership

Coach and Trainer, aspiring author, husband, father, and follower of Jesus Christ!

My life motto is summed up like this: life is too short not to passionately pursue your potential and purpose! However, I had a problem.

My purpose became centered around my work. I was oblivious to my potential. I was an insecure people pleaser stuck in the "Image Management" game.

My self-limiting beliefs were wreaking havoc!

I put myself in a box and allowed others to do the same. I became chained to what others thought of me.

I was first introduced to a John Maxwell book in High School.


It was called “Leading from the Lockers” and

I became a student of growth and leadership. 

In high school, as elected President of The National Honors Society, I used John’s materials to train members and create service opportunities within our own community.

I became a Founding Member
of the John Maxwell Team in 2012!

I was trained in coaching, speaking, and leadership

by John Maxwell and The John Maxwell Team faculty.

I felt alive about the possibility of building a business around helping coach and train others. This dream was put on hold.

I was working as a children's pastor, providing world-class environments for children to learn about faith and build friendships.

In eight years, my responsibility grew from overseeing 60 children and 30 volunteers to over 400 children and 225 volunteers.

A few of my other responsibilities included:

  • Building teams

  • Recruiting volunteers

  • Developing leaders

  • Family Dedications

Outwardly I was experiencing success and results in my career; inwardly I was lonely and struggling. I had been leading others but ignoring the unhealthy habits in my own life.

Those unhealthy habits caught up with me in 2018. It forced me to resign from this job I loved. More importantly, I was faced with the possibility of losing my wife and children.

Finally, I admitted my problem and sought the help I was in desperate need of from HopeQuest Ministry Group. After 90 days of inpatient rehab, I was not fixed, but I became a happier, healthier version of myself. I was committed to growing each day. I found an unexplainable peace through my savior, Jesus Christ.

My life had fallen apart.
It was time to start rebuilding.

My love for leading people was reignited when I became Campus Director of a daycare in the fall of 2018. I oversaw 3 daycare centers with 90 children and 30 staff. In 2019 my location expanded to 4 centers with 118 children and 40 staff.


Some of my responsibilities included:

  • Managing a team of four Site Leaders

  • Addressing parent concerns

  • Hiring, firing, and scheduling staff

  • Assisting with two staff workshop days

I left the daycare in January 2020 to spend time with my kids before they started going to school.

A dream is reborn!

As a Founding Member of The John Maxwell Team, I started my leadership training and coaching business in January of 2020.

I help you get the most out of Maxwell's materials through online groups and coaching.

My online leadership training classes are designed for:

  • Managers & Directors

  • Entrepreneurs & Business owners

  • Leaders of nonprofits

  • Pastors and ministry staff

  • Individuals

  • And companies who desire to invest in their staff!

I love to help people personally and professionally develop THEIR unique potential and purpose in life!

For full list of services I offer contact me today!

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