From Unhealthy Workaholic

To Transparent Leader! 

Hi, I’m Dustin.

I teach men and women how to lead

from a place of transparency

and authenticity that come from a close relationship with Jesus Christ.

John Maxwell and Dustin C Anderson Leade

As a certified coach with the John Maxwell Team and more than a decade of leadership experience, I’ve helped ministries grow, directed daycare centers, built teams, handled crucial conversations, and led workshops. (You can see it all on my LinkedIn profile here.)

But for much of my leadership career, I had a problem.

Growing up I fell into patterns of sexual addiction, depression, and anxiety to cope with life. And when I tried to reach out for help, a spiritual leader abused me.

So what did I do?

I kept quiet about my struggles for years.

Yet keeping quiet didn’t solve anything.

My unhealthy patterns got worse. To cope, I became isolated and focused on my work as a pastor, secretly hoping that if I could just help enough people, I could feel better about myself. That focus helped me get successful results in my career…


But it also turned me into a workaholic.


Ten years into my marriage, my wife gave me an ultimatum: Ditch my pornography habit or lose my family. She left the house with our two young daughters until I made my decision.

Girl Behind a Curtain

I chose my family. I chose transparency.


I reached out for help and joined an inpatient rehab called HopeQuest Ministry Group, where I found a safe place to work through the very issues I’d tried to run from.


Coming out of that rehab, I wasn’t completely “fixed.” But I was a new man—one who chose to keep being vulnerable and pressing on until I can become the leader Jesus called me to be.

Now, I help others make that same choice.

I founded my coaching business, Transparent Leadership, in 2020 so that others could also find a safe place to grow to become healthy leaders.

Over the years, I’ve discovered I’m not the only one who has learned to lead from a place of outward success and hidden flaws. We’ve all absorbed unhealthy leadership habits, such as manipulating our team members, leading from our position instead of influence, and neglecting self-care.

It’s time to break those habits.

Online Leadership Training Classes

In my online training sessions, leaders of all kinds learn how to expose unhealthy leadership patterns in their own lives and replace them with effective, God-honoring habits.

If you’re a…

  • Manager or director

  • Business owner or entrepreneur

  • Nonprofit leader

  • Pastor

  • Or parent

            … these classes are for you!

With My Leadership Classes, You Get:

  • Leadership training based on John Maxwell’s materials

  • Application and discussion that relate to your own life

  • A safe place to share your struggles, grow, and transform

  • Accountability and support from other leaders like you

I also provide training for companies that want to invest in their staff and yield better results.


Here is what one graduate had to say about my classes:

“[Compared to similar trainings], the experience was better. Absolutely, do it. You will learn something no matter what.”

—Blake / Sales Executive

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Or maybe you prefer one-on-one coaching.

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You have a purpose. It’s time to unlock it.

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