Are you average? Here's what I think!

Updated: Mar 22

Welcome to The Growth Zone, the place you will never reach until you first leave your comfort zone. My name is Dustin. Let me share two thoughts from my Saturday group.

Two Thoughts in Two Minutes!

You can learn from anybody, anywhere, anytime! Do you believe that?

Often life’s most important lessons come from unlikely sources or seemingly annoying distractions that emerge. Are you allowing yourself to learn from each and every person and situation? Choose to be humble. Choose to pay attention. Choose to learn from any source!

It takes humility to learn from anyone, but it is possible!

There is no such thing as an average person! You were uniquely designed with extraordinary value and potential! A person with average value does not exist!

Of course our skills can be average but you cannot let that speak to your value! Regardless of outward skills and results, you can have peace and confidence because your value comes from who you were created to be!

There is no such thing as an average person!

#peace #confidence #YouHaveValue

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