Are you working in a healthy environment?

One common question my clients are asking is, "How do I know whether my current work environment is a healthy one?" Or, "How do I evaluate my work environment, and when do I know it is time to move on to a healthier environment?"

First, I respond with these three questions:

  • Are you looking forward to what you're doing?

  • Or are you looking back at what you’ve done?

  • What does your future look like? Describe it for me.

If the future looks dull, routine, or confining, you may need to look for a new environment.

"Growth happens best when your environment is aiding you, not holding you back." -John Maxwell

In May 2018 I returned from rehab to normal life. I had to change my environment if I wanted even a shot at changing my behavior in the long run. I had to get uncomfortable and humble myself. I attended a few recovery groups - groups like A/A meetings. Even when I didn't feel like going to another meeting, I knew I had to go. I spent money to invest in my recovery by continuing to see a professional counselor. Today, I would say it was time and money well invested!

We must take responsibility for putting ourselves in positions to thrive! At different stages of life, different environments are more suitable for our development. It's up to you and me to learn what those healthy environments are for us and when to make a change.

Identifying a Healthy Environment

John Maxwell shares 10 descriptions of a growth environment. You can find these descriptions in his book, "The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth." Reading these descriptions is helpful in evaluating your current work environment. Also it can help you define what a growth environment looks like for you to thrive in.

Three Descriptions of a Growth Environment:

  • Others are ahead of me (if you're at the head of the class, you are in the wrong class)

  • The atmosphere is affirming

  • I wake up excited

Join my next workshop! I will cover all 10 statements that help us to identify a healthy environment.

Looking for a New Environment

We are prone to making rash, emotional decisions (or at least I am). When we identify our current work as an unhealthy environment, the temptation is to bolt ASAP. There are toxic environments where bolting immediately is the best option. But, most of the time making a wise decision requires time to reflect.

Ask these questions before looking for a new environment!

(be honest otherwise you are wasting your time)

  • What makes this environment unhealthy for me?

  • How do I contribute to or take part in the unhealthy environment?

  • What do I need to change or improve?

  • How can I create positive change in my current environment?

  • Have I given my best to try to change my current environment?

  • How will I know when it's time for me to stay and to go?

  • What does a healthy environment look like for me?

Join my next workshop! I will cover further what to look for in a healthy environment where you can thrive.

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