Breaking The Silence

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

My sister, Becca, sent me an email on January 20, 2018, that I never thought I'd receive.

In it, she discussed some of the difficult family issues we had avoided until this moment. Most people ignore these conversations for a lifetime. Becca's email opened the door for healthy discussion and healing to take place.

She broke the silence! That's leadership.

Becca is a year younger than me. She is quiet, kind, and an introvert who cares for her family and is loyal to them and her commitments. Becca prefers to avoid conflict and keep the peace except when it becomes harmful to those she loves. I am surprised by her bravery and courage to Break the Silence! It was a critical milestone for my journey. It gave me permission to dive into topics I once felt were off-limits.

Thank you Becca for being an incredible leader with the courage to break the silence! I will always admire and respect you for it. You are one of my bravest heroes, Becca. I will be forever grateful to you for the doors it opened in my heart and life!

Leadership takes many different forms, personalities, and personas but it always requires courage.

In honor of Becca's courage I have named my blog, "Breaking The Silence." It focuses on personal growth and development. And commits to moving critical conversations forward.


My other idea was to name the blog, "Cut The Bull*@#*." I am tired of watching people (I'm guilty of it too) pretend to be something they are not! It's time to cut the BS. It's time to get real with each other. Transformation occurs only when we choose to be vulnerable and authentic. Lets cut the BS people!

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