How children fill in the blank really matters!

The thing that was available whenever I needed it was ______________.

Every child will fill in the blank as every adult today did when they were a child. How did you fill in your blank?

  • Pornography

  • An abusive relationship

  • Alcohol

  • Drugs

  • Television

  • Success

  • Popularity

  • A parent

  • A healthy friendship

  • Something else

Where you live, how much you make, or how great of an education you provide CANNOT be a substitute for an engaged and available parent!

I've been guilty of neglecting my most important responsibility of being an engaged father for finite, passing pursuits including but not limited to: a bigger paycheck, increased power, social acceptance, and pleasing a demanding boss. If we aren't careful, we can give our children the message, "You have to take care of yourself." While we want to raise healthy, mature adults, we must remember they are still in process. Our job is to be present and engaged in the process with them.

Will your children fill the blank in with your name?

The thing that was available whenever I needed it was ______________.

Our goal as parents is to fill in the blank for them as early and often as possible!

Honestly, being an engaged parent is hard work. We will never be perfect! But as a parent, we can choose whether we will help our children fill the blank in or leave them to figure it out on their own. You can choose today to be an available parent.

Imagine the gift you will give your children by committing to being an available parent!

  • Physically available.

  • Emotionally available.

  • Intellectually available.

  • Daily available.

We don't need another article about trying harder to be better parents. I want to be a parent willing to fight for my children, even if it means asking for help. Parents need to support and encourage one another. I'm challenging myself and inviting you to do the same.

I'm choosing to do my best to be an available parent today! Will you join me?

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