Accept or Lead Your Life/Right Actions Produce Right Emotions

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

The Growth Zone - the place you will never reach until you first leave your comfort zone!

My name is Dustin.

Monday, I started my third 15 laws of growth group in 2020.

1) You can choose to accept your life or lead your life.

We all face challenges in life and the choice is the same for all of us. Will you just accept your life and the challenges it brings or will you lead yourself through the challenges.

2) The right actions always produce right emotions.

Waiting for the feeling of motivation to jump in and get something done? We have all been here. If you do it now the right emotions will follow. You will feel proud, successful, and motivated.

#leadyourlife #DoItNow

Pray you are well and making time to grow yourself!

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That’s it from Dustin in the Growth Zone, where you’ll never arrive until you first leave your comfort zone.

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You will never reach your growth zone until you first leave your comfort zone.

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