Setting priorities without the complex process!


In organizations and teams what gets inspected gets done. When we fail to inspect our key metrics of success, performance slides. When we inspect them in a supportive, collaborative way, performance and engagement rise. It’s the same for personal and professional development! Without consistent inspection of key metrics, we drift into less productive habits.

With a consistent process for development, we have the opportunity to grow exponentially!

Each year set aside time to reflect on the previous year and set goals for the new year. Be sure to schedule it in your calendar as you would any appointment. Spend this time writing your list of goals for the new year. To get a jump-start, you can begin by answering a few thoughtful questions like:

  • What are the top 3 successes your company achieved this year?

  • What 3 big goals do you have that without God will not happen?

  • What are your most meaningful achievements and success stories this past year?

  • What one or two areas do you want to improve in as a leader next year?


The goal is to develop a consistent process for evaluating yourself from year to year. If you intentionally focus on your top priorities over time you gain momentum! Stay flexible and adaptable when plans change.

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When you start something new, getting started matters more than getting it right!
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