To be noticed or to be known, that is the question

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Do you want to be noticed or to be known? All have a deep desire to be known, loved, and accepted for who we are. How do I meet this need?

This blog is from a journal entry I made recently:

"Right now He is removing my need to please people or live up to the expectations, real or perceived, of others. This will allow me to discover and develop - God will do it - the real Dustin who is emerging more every day! God, I ask for the strength and courage to walk forward in this truth! Let go of my need to prove or protect myself - to appear a certain way in the eyes of others."

My heart's cry is to be known not just noticed. Knowing the real me is the deeper need we all long to have met. Yet, social media and society allow us to substitute being known for being noticed. While being noticed feels good for the moment, it doesn't meet our deeper longings. We go right back to looking for more likes, comments, or retweets the next day.

Whether you have100 followers or millions of followers, it will never be enough! There is not enough likes or retweets to meet your deeper desire to be known. God says to Paul, Go, I am sending you (Acts 22:21). The same is true for us - stop worrying about being noticed and go be known. I am sending you into a world that values being noticed but desperately desires to be known.

Release your need to be seen in a certain light by others. Trust God to redeem every aspect of your life - the good, bad, and the ugly.

We may share similarities but, we must answer the following questions in our own hearts.

Do you want to be noticed or to be known?

How do you healthily meet this need?

What are your thoughts? I'd love to hear them.

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