What's the story you tell yourself?

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Welcome to The Growth Zone, the place you will never reach until you first leave your comfort zone. My name is Dustin.

You ever find yourself thinking things like, “You are inadequate. And so stupid.” These automatic thoughts make up the story we tell ourselves over and over again.

For me, the story has sounded like this:

I find myself feeling discouraged and when I ask myself, why am I feeling this way? It occurs to me, I find myself unknowingly repeating that old repetitive story I’ve always told myself: “You have some incredible leaders in your group who are you to be leading them? You’re inadequate, Dustin. Maybe you should just quit and let one of them lead the group.”

What’s the story you tell yourself? It may be unknowingly but it shows up in how you feel and perceive the world around you.

I am two months into my adventure of starting a business to invest in peoples’ potential and my old repetitive story has tried to restart itself many times. Thankfully, due to the help of God, friends, family, and hard work on my part over the past two years, I’m able to start recognizing when the story begins and changing it before it causes me to self-destruct.

You can do the same thing! You can start to see the value you bring to the table. Because you bring value to the table.You have something we can all value and learn from and be encouraged by.

When we allow these lies to replay over and over again, we begin to live as if they were the truth. Do you tell yourself you are dumb, stupid, you’re never gonna make it, that you’re just a screw up. Now is the time to stop friend!

I believe we all have more potential in us than we will ever be able to realize. The biggest deterrent is often the story we tell ourselves.

What story are you telling yourself?

I challenge you to daily write down the things you find yourself telling yourself for the next two weeks. What does your internal self-talk sound like? Is it positive or is it negative? What seems to be the themes that emerge from investigating those automatic thoughts?

Identifying your automatic thoughts is the first step to stopping that old repetitive story from wreaking havoc in your life.

Those are my thoughts today from the Growth Zone, the place you will never reach until you first leave your comfort zone.

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You will never reach your growth zone until you first leave your comfort zone.

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